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Lyn K Slim - September 2014

This book is fasinating. The author writes about her first hand experiences of dealing with ghosts and demons. She gives a strong message that there is always help out there you only have to ask. Some of the hauntings are gripping and you wonder how these people going through this torment deal with it. Sandrea and her team of mediums and healers are a ray of light in the darkness. A very good read.

Majanka - August 2014

Vanquishing Ghosts and Demons tells us about the experiences of Sandrea Mosses, a spiritual medium, who battles ghosts, ghouls and even demons, along with her colleagues. Sandrea has lots of experience, and the cases she presents in this book range from tame, regular hauntings, to demon attacks that are downright creepy.

I found some of the terminology in this book strange, and I had trouble understanding how the demons/ghosts were pictured to Sandrea. Sometimes they appeared small, sometimes large. Either way, the spirits metioned were very cunning, and Sandrae's own spirit guides often had to help her, or intervene.

I'm used to reading more scientifically-based true haunting books, but even the ones I've read before that deal with mediums, used different methods than Sandrae and her group. It was good to see a different perspective, and a different way of handling things.

Although I still prefer the scientific method, and find it far more credible, this book was a pleasant read with good writing. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Brandon Good - August 2014

Great read! Even though the stories in this book are very short, I still was able to see what Sandrea went through while helping out people desperate to rid their home of demons and angry spirits. In some stories Sandrea was up against powerful demons and was very brave up against these evil entities. I enjoyed the book and if your the type of person who likes to read about demons I recommend this one, like I said each story case is very brief but sandrea gets to the point and goes on to the next case. I enjoyed this, thanks Sandrea Mosses.

Louis Charles - August 2014

Vanquishing Ghosts and Demons is an easy read and the author is very matter of fact and no nonsense. Readers quickly learn she is all business: a medium who can see and communicate with entities, one who works with an adept team of psychics, lightworkers and unseen spirit guides. (I wouldn't recommend messing with Sandrea who must be one tough, wise lady.)

Dealing with Dark Entities

The book recounts Sandrea's different paranormal experiences with entities, from slightly unpleasant encounters with bothersome ghosts to downright vicious dealings with malevolant forces. Along the way, we learn details of each haunting or attack and, especially, every move taken by her team to clear the forces of darkness from our world. The seasoned team, led by Sandrea, has endured numerous spirit attacks including possession by unclean spirits. These are not tales of grandmother's sweet ghost, indeed.

I was encouraged to learn that this psychic team does deal compassionately with ghosts who need a friend to guide them homeward, helping them find the light and freedom from our realm. There is something that sets this book apart, to me, however. Although, this team of lightworkers is happy to help the lost, they show little patience toward nefarious entities who mean no good to those troubled by them. Evil is given its chance to exit our world willingly or risk having these psychics push them through the door without apology!

Jaki - July 2014

Fair warning this one is a book to read during the day. When you are surrounded by light and people. Cos Vanquishing Ghosts and Demons by Sandrea Mosses scared the crap outta me.

There's no fluffy lonely ghosts searching for peace here no cute spirits of puppies and kittens saying a final goodbye to their beloved owners. Nasty McEvil's not trying to tell you Timmy is down the well and needs rescuing. Nasty McEvil wants YOU and wants you in the worst possible way.

"Shivers" Yeah, I had the lights on all night after reading this. One of these days, I'll stop reading scary stuff in bed before going to sleep, and do the sensible thing read them during the day when the house is full of people. Or possibly on a bus during peak hour. Or on a beach on a Saturday afternoon during summer. I really gotta stop reading them alone in bed, while hubby is up the back shed playing Xbox and my cat is jumping unexpectedly through the bedroom window and the dog starts barking for no reason.

Sandrea Mosses and her team help people who are haunted/possessed by the nasty stuff. From evil entities attaching themselves to people, to houses haunted by malevolent spirits and making life hell for the occupants.

It's a cracker of a read, and had me looking under the bed before going to sleep. Well, not really looking under the bed, cos who the hell sticks their head down to peer under their bed at night? No-one wants to see that spooky clown down there!

This is sort-of the "dark" side of paranormal investigations. The type that no-way-in-hell would I want to be involved in. Way too frightening.

Of course, while I do love reading this stuff, I'm never sure how much I actually believe. Some of these tales just had me shaking my head, thinking "could this REALLY be REAL?" And I'm not going to elaborate on that it's a personal opinion and I don't know the author at all. But still, man o man, it's a bloody scary read!

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