Is Your Home Haunted?

Signs you may a some paranormal activity surrounding you or your home...

  1. The house is always cold, even when the heating is on or in the summer months.
  2. Part of the house or certain rooms are cold.
  3. The house or certain rooms always seem dark.
  4. Pets begin to behave strangely, crying and appear frightened.
  5. Pets are reluctant to go into certain rooms.
  6. Babies and children waking up in the middle of the night crying, without cause.
  7. Light bulbs keep blowing and need replacing.
  8. Lights flicker on and off or become distinctively brighter or dimmer.
  9. Electrical equipment switching itself on and off. Clocks changing time.
  10. Obnoxious smells.
  11. A sense of feeling you are not alone or that you are being watched.
  12. Feeling uncomfortable or feeling afraid with no just cause for this.
  13. Not wanting to be alone.

Signs which indicate you may have a problem with your home...

  1. Distinct noise or sound, footsteps, scratching, banging.
  2. Nightmares or lucid dreaming which involve a dark entity.
  3. The sensation someone is sitting on your bed or getting into bed with you.
  4. Sensation something is lying on top of you.
  5. A sensation of someone breathing on you.
  6. Hearing voices, hearing someone calling your name.
  7. Obnoxious smells that will not go, no matter what you do.
  8. Objects flying around the house, pictures coming off the wall, ornaments falling off shelves, books flying off book shelves.
  9. You see shadows moving across the wall, when there is no source to cause this effect.
  10. You see entities, ghosts or strange animals in the house.
  11. You receive physical, unexplained markings on your body, such as, scratches, bites etcetera...

Sandrea Mosses - Medium/Clairvoyant Author

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