What is an orb? It is a sphere usually white, but can be many different colours, that appear in pictures. When blown up some will show the most intricate patterns and design, some have faces of people in, and some are just orbs.

The increasing presence of orbs has been attributed to the increasing availability of digital photography. From a technical point of view I cannot say why they appear, I know nothing of it. From a Mediums standpoint I can.

I believe through the evidence I have received from spirit people that orbs are a modern means for our loved ones to show us they have survived death. At both happy and sad times they will appear.

There has been a strong link to ley lines, sometimes called spiritual paths and orbs.

This is felt to be the energy lines spiritual beings harness to move across our space.

Egypt is said to sit on a very powerful line.

Sceptics conclude that these circles are made by water, light etcetera, Without doubt some are, but not all.

For those of you that have lost loved ones get the old pictures out and have look. If they are on the computer, even better.

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