It's Time To Call The Ghostbusters!

Is this a GHOST caught on a baby monitor screen? Terrified mother claims to have filmed 'apparition of a parent and child' hovering over her sleeping daughter Jade Yates watched two 'ghostly' figures float above daughter Ruby in cot She said she did not believe in ghosts prior to seeing the terrifying footage Mother claims to see 'a baby older than ruby' and 'an attentive adult' in clip Despite spooky footage, she added that she does not think 'ghost' is 'nasty.'

A mother claims to have captured the unsettling moment two 'ghostly spirits' interacted with her baby daughter as she slept.

Jade Yates, who lives in Barongarook, Victoria, Australia, watched the spooky footage through the baby monitor as two figures appeared to float above the cot.

The terrified mum posted the clip to Facebook alongside a short description, which began: "Fair to say I won't be sleeping very well tonight."

The video shows baby Ruby curled up in her blanket while fast asleep as a white figure suddenly emerges exactly above where she rests.

It appears to have a head and body and moves from left to right before floating towards the wall and shrinking in size.

The orb gradually disappears before a much larger white figure moves into view and hovers over the sleeping baby.

It stays still over Ruby for a while and then turns around to float towards the wall.

Later in the clip, the figure re-emerges and is clearer than before - some viewers have commented that they can see "two faces" - one of "an old lady" and one of a "younger girl."

Writing online, Jade said that she did not believe in ghosts prior to seeing the footage, and now appears to be convinced that what she saw was some kind of phantom.

She added that no-one else was in the room, but stated the viewer should "make up their own mind" after watching the clip.

Writing in the comments she noted that what she sees in the video is "a baby older than Ruby," and, as it's able to sit up and stand, an "adult attending to it."

She added that she does not believe the "ghosts to be nasty as the adult looks to be so attentive."

Jade concluded by explaining that she later went to check on her daughter and found her to be fine.

The "ghosts" were then gone when she returned to the baby monitored.

Commenting on the video, some viewers appear to be slightly disturbed by the footage. One person wrote: "That is so spooky Jade... I don't think I'd be sleeping much either if I was you."

However others agreed that the "spirits" are likely to be friendly. One commented: "Jade this is awesome!"

"Don't be scared, you will know if they aren't friendly, if they do keep you up at night you can ask them to leave! I've had my fair share of dealings with ghosts."

Another option is that the figures were the result of interference picked up on the baby monitor.

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